About De Wielewaal Estate


De Wielewaal is a unique and spacious country estate, which presents a wealth of opportunities and different aspects. These specifications only provide a limited notion of all that De Wielewaal estate has to offer.

Year build: 1934-2007

Garden: approx. 142ha.

Price: on request




During its comprehensive redevelopment, the estate was almost entirely razed to the ground, rebuilt in the same style, and considerably expanded. Thus a completely new wing, partially fitted with a thatched roof, was added. Particularly striking are the special, characteristic and historical materials used in the course of redevelopment. Think of materials as centuries-old beams, old-fashioned masonry, slate tiles from Normandy, and a Versailles parquet floor. In its present condition, De Wielewaal amply meets the standard one is entitled to expect of a house of international standing. A house with a number of special extra features, including a (wine) cellar measuring over 750 square meters. Comes complete with coolers, tasting rooms with large, open fireplaces and a ham storage room. For five months an Austrian firm of specialist builders worked on constructing underground arches and vaults. A feature worth pointing out: the stones used were taken from a former castle belonging to the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I (husband of the Empress Sissi, better known through the three-part film series based on her life), each of which are adorned with an embedded coat of arms. The overall picture of the estate is truly astounding. The vaulted cellar exudes the atmosphere of a medieval castle - only at that time they had no Bentleys. This classic example of English style has been given a prominent place in the cellar, behind glass and in the spotlights. It was embedded during the building process and cannot be removed. A little present for the new residents.


In terms of modern technical standards De Wielewaal is also second to none. In addition to advanced security systems in and on the estate, the entire house is fitted with air conditioning and air treatment equipment, the residual heat is re-used, and there is an emergency power supply system. All this is regulated through a sophisticated domotica system, which is also used to activate the audio and lighting equipment. Perhaps this level of technical excellence comes naturally to a city which houses the Technical university and hosts an authentic High Tech Campus, containing more than 140 high tech firms and institutes.


With a surface area of 2,582 square meters, and four additional residences spread over the estate for staff or guests and relations, the notion of “comfortable living” acquires a totally different dimension here. Where else in The Netherlands will you find anything like it – a large and magnificently built country house on an estate of this size? Add in the nearby international school, the airport and the highways, and you can truly say that: De Wielewaal has it all, or at least has everything within reach. This in itself is a unique and unknown world for this country.


The country house has many special features, such as an authentic “gentlemen’s room”. This is the small room, entirely restored to its original state, where Frits Philips used to smoke cigars and drink cognac with, amongst others, his good friend Prince Bernhard. With its hunting trophies and Frits memorabilia, it has now acquired the air of a mini-museum. There is also the stylish open kitchen – the heart of De Wielewaal. The kitchen is fitted with one of the six old English-style chimneys to be found on the estate. Turning the corner we find the professional catering kitchen, which has all the equipment needed to supply home (delivery) meals and make five-star restaurants green with envy. For physical exercise there is the fitness room, nearly 85 square meters large, after which you can relax blissfully in the outdoor swimming pool, the massage room, the library or the living room, music room or games room. The second floor features the sleeping accommodation, i.e. two guest suites and five bedrooms. All rooms have en-suite luxury bathrooms with bath and/or shower. The master bedroom/suite even has two bathrooms and two dressing rooms.


Going back in time. The storyline of De Wielewaal property begins when Anton Philips, who founded the current Philips company, buys a large piece of woodland. He has it developed into a country estate, complete with a beautiful conifer garden (1912). In 1920 he donated part of his estate to the local community for the development of a park, i.e. the Philips de Jongh stroller park. In the 1930s he also had the Philips fruit farm built Anton himself never lived on the estate. For his part, his son Frits, chairman of the Philips company board between 1961 and 1971, had a magnificent country house built there in 1934, and lived there for some 70 years except for the World War Two years, when German officers requisitioned De Wielewaal estate. After Frits died, the current owner, an international businessman, contacted the Philips family direct. He took over the estate. Its redevelopment, which lasted 18 months, followed, completely transforming De Wielewaal, whilst maintaining its distinguishing features. For the first time since 1912, the estate is now truly available for sale – at last a unique opportunity to acquire this very special country estate.


Year of construction: 1934/2007
Surface area: approx. 142 hectares

Main residence
Size: 7,650 m3
Gross floor area: 2,582 m2
A total of around 40 rooms, 7 of which are bedrooms/
suites with 8 bathrooms.

Annexes/staff accommodation/other
In addition to the main residence, the estate features a further four residences intended for staff or guests and relatives, as well as a detached garage/carport capable of holding six cars. There are also various annexes, field barns, sheds and carports, as well as an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court (clay), pinetum/sculpture garden, and countless miles of walking and horse riding paths.


It is hereby expressly stated that all such information as is provided here, including, but not exclusively measurements, is merely indicative and cannot give rise to any rights. Because of the very specific nature of this unique item, the latter will probably not meet the Surface Area Measurement Order (NEN 2580) Prospective buyers are expressly invited to measure, or arrange for the measurement of, the surface area of the property in question, and to have an assessment performed by a building expert. When prospective buyers decline this invitation, they automatically release the estate agency from any liability.