Going back in time

The storyline of De Wielewaal property begins when Anton Philips, who founded the current Philips company, buys a large piece of woodland. He has it developed into a country estate, complete with a beautiful conifer garden (1912). In 1920 he donated part of his estate to the local community for the development of a park, i.e. the Philips de Jongh stroller park. In the 1930s he also had the Philips fruit farm built Anton himself never lived on the estate. For his part, his son Frits, chairman of the Philips company board between 1961 and 1971, had a magnificent country house built there in 1934, and lived there for some 70 years except for the World War Two years, when German officers requisitioned De Wielewaal estate. After Frits died, the current owner, an international businessman, contacted the Philips family direct. He took over the estate. Its redevelopment, which lasted 18 months, followed, completely transforming De Wielewaal, whilst maintaining its distinguishing features. For the first time since 1912, the estate is now truly available for sale – at last a unique opportunity to acquire this very special country estate.